Nov 22

Anti Aging Treatments and Dermal Fillers For Younger Looking Skin

There are many things we can do as we age, to help keep us looking younger. The anti aging methods we use, fall somewhere between wrinkle cream and a face lift, and let’s face it, we’ll try anything!

Creams and Serum
The makers of anti aging creams claim they can give you a face several years younger, but which ones do we choose? The vast range of face creams, gels and serums that promise to keep us looking younger, are mind blowing, especially the choice, anti wrinkle, decreasing, radiance, anti aging, age defying, plumping up and on, and on. When using skin care products, there are certain ingredients you should look for:

Matrixyl – This skin perfecting peptide stimulates collagen, restores elasticity and encourages skin repair.
Pro Vitamin B5 – This ingredient can attract and hold on to moisture, leaving the skin supple and hydrated.
Retinol – this works by stimulating collagen production and increasing the turnover of skin cells.
Vitamin E – is moisturising, anti inflammatory and can protect skin against sun damage.
Vitamin C – can help reduce inflammation, reverse sun damage and boost collagen production.
Sunscreen – A moisturiser with SPF 25 or higher is the best defence against wrinkles, dullness, brown spots and the loss of firmness.

Fake Tan
Get yourself a healthy glow. We all know that “real” sunbathing is aging for the skin, but a subtle tan obtained by using either self tanning lotions and wipes, spray or fake tan, will give you a boost of confidence. Alternatively, a tinted moisturiser will give the skin a nice glow. There is no denying that tanned skin makes you look and feel younger, thinner and more beautiful.

Teeth Whitening
Nothing is more rejuvenating than a beautiful, white smile. It’s astounding how many years a decent smile can take off your face. People with stained and dull teeth tend not to smile, because they are uncomfortable or embarrassed about their teeth. According to a recent study, having whiter teeth makes you look more successful, more employable, more attractive and at least five years younger.

Haircut and Colour
A good haircut can make you look ten years younger. We’ve all seen the make over programmes on TV, where a new cut and colour instantly turns a frumpy mother into a yummy mummy! Every five years you need to reinvent yourself, not drastic major changes, just little tweaks. There are plenty of changes you can make to instantly take years off your look. Maybe changing your parting, adding layers, having a fringe cut in or by choosing softer coloured hair highlights.

Dermal Fillers
Fillers will add volume to the face by filling in the wrinkles and lines, and sometimes by plumping up areas of the face, giving your face a younger look. Area’s like the cheeks, under eye area and temples, that over time have lost volume, causing the skin to sink and sag are ideal places to fill. Small amounts of dermal filler get directly injected into the skin using a fine needle. You don’t need any recovery time after dermal filler treatment and you can return to usual activities straight away. Some slight swelling or bruising might be experienced at the injection area, but this doesn’t usually last longer than 48 hours.

We should always aim for subtle results, leaving our friends and family believing that we are simply just looking our best! Dermal fillers really are like a mini face lift!


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