May 10

Why Getting Your Teeth Fixed Now and Not Waiting Until Later is Best

A full set of teeth equals 32. However, it’s not like it’s okay to lose one as an adult. I remember the first one I had to have pulled as an adult. It was toward the back, so I was kind of okay with it. Then the teeth migrated taking advantage of the extra space. This made a gap in-between front teeth on that side where the tooth was pulled. Then, over the next few years, I had two more pulled. One was a front tooth. I then went to a new dentist in Wollongong where we moved to. I was unhappy with my smile, and the new dentist gave me a treatment plan to get my teeth back to looking their best.

I first decided to have the work done because I was embarrassed about how my teeth looked. Then I realized the benefits of being able to chew my food better and not get stuff stuck in the spaces between the teeth. You can get used to eating when you have teeth pulled. After your gums heal up, you adapt how you chew the food you put in your mouth. However, it is much more pleasing to be chewing with a full set of choppers. My treatment started first with realigning my existing teeth. Then I had implants put in where the missing teeth where at. Now I have a great smile again, and the time frame for getting the work done on my mouth is just a memory.

I like having my smile fixed. It was worth the time and the cost. If I had it to do over, I would have gotten the teeth replaced as they needed to come out. This would have saved me the time I needed for my teeth to get realigned. So, my point is, get any tooth problems fully fixed when they occur. Do not wait. It just costs more in time and expense later on.